Story Preview: Dr. Michael Williamson

The following is a preview from Dr. Michael Williamson's story written by Dagny Zupin -- People assume my job as an oncologist is debilitating, aggressive, rough — like the disease. And it is. Cancer is draining and challenging. But the … [Read more...]

Story Preview: Deb Kirkman

The following is part of a story written by Rose Skelly about Deb Kirkman. -- The doctors and nurses were in my room, checking on me. I heard them say that my parents should start preparing for my funeral. There I was, awake but not awake, … [Read more...]

Little Red Door Provides Services in ECI

The mission of Cancer Services of East Central Indiana - Little Red Door is to reduce the financial and emotional burdens for those experiencing a cancer diagnosis, as well as promote cancer prevention, early detection and wellness education to help … [Read more...]

Joey Feek Passes Away

Joey Feek Passes Away

Joey Feek, half of the country duo, Joey+Rory, passed away on Friday, March 4. On Tuesday, March 8, family and friends gathered in love and support to celebrate Joey's life. She requested this song be played at her service. Rory, Joey's … [Read more...]

Apple Watches Help Cancer Patients

Cancer patients in Camden, New Jersey have taken part in a new study with Apple Watches. The patients use an app called  emPOWER, developed by Polaris. The app allows patients to stay in touch while they are receiving care at home or in the hospital. … [Read more...]

Ingelhart Scholars Profile: Patrick Calvert

Ingelhart Scholars Profile: Patrick Calvert

Patrick Calvert, a Video Team member for the Ingelhart Scholars has worked closely with other students in the filming and editing of the Facing Cancer in East Central Indiana short film. Calvert has worked hard to collaborate with team members on the … [Read more...]